Mastery Clubhouse
The Mental Mastery Clubhouse golfing community was developed to help CLUB and ELITE golfers.
We are focussed on helping you build your own Unbreakable Mental Game that will grow your skills,
On & Off the Golf Course!
"I have helped both Club level golfers and PGA Tour players build winning on-course mental performance strategies. Now they are available here in your very own off-course clubhouse."
Jamie Glazier - Renowned Mental Performance Coach
If your golf game can feel like an endless series of barriers, then maybe it is time to take a new approach. 
Stop the weekly cycle of one hurdle and the next one appears.
And the cycle repeats. 
When you hit these barriers you probably think the answers are out on the course, your swing or endless range balls.
Typically, this is not the solution. Or at least it is the long way to achieve golfing happiness and better scores. 
The world's top golfers all know one thing, the power of the Mental Game. If you are looking to take the next step in your Elite career, then one thing is certain.
Relying on elite technical skills alone will not deliver the results you desire to achieve the success you envisage.
You must cross the bridge and make the connection between potential and performance.
The Mental Mastery Clubhouse is a dedicated training hub for golfers who want to develop their performance, play with greater freedom and more enjoyment to achieve the results they desire.
How? by using our proven mental performance strategies.
Inside here you'll get the insights and strategies used by some of the world's best players including PGA Tour  & DP World Tour Winner Lucas Herbert and LPGA player Gabriella Ruffels.
Want to transform your game? Join us inside the Mental Mastery Club House today and begin your journey to an "Unbreakable Mental Game".
Jamie Glazier - Founder
The Mental Mastery Club House
"I envisage Jamie to be a long term, integral part of my team..."
"Jamie time and time again proves his worth to my game with his ability to help elevate me to the next level mentally.
Playing multiple major championships, WGC's and large worldwide events can be daunting and hard work mentally, but with Jamie's help towards establishing myself on the world stage and feeling comfortable with who I am, performing under tough conditions has become routine and consistent.
His ability to work with not only myself but other unique individual athletes and understand their patterns of behaviour and work with the athlete, as opposed to against them, is second to none and his results with his clients speak for themselves.
I envisage Jamie to be a long term, integral part of my team and I would encourage anyone who is serious about their golf to consult him on ways they can get the most out of their potential."
Lucas Herbert
2020 Dubai Desert Classic Winner
2021 Dubai Duty-Free Irish Open Winner
2022 Butterfield Bermuda Championship ( PGA Tour) 
DP World Tour Member
PGA Tour Member
Gabriella Ruffels - LPGA Tour
"I've been working with Jamie now for 6 years and I've really seen a difference in my mental game over this time...
I strongly believe that the mental game in golf is just as important as the physical game, and with Jamie's help, I've been able to improve my overall golf game at a quick pace.
We have worked on letting go of technical thoughts to be a more feel-based player, developing strategies on how to be more mentally prepared for an upcoming event, and how to get the best out of myself in pressure situations.
Really grateful for all the work he has done for me!
Gabi Ruffels
2019 US Women's Amateur Champion
2020 US Women's Amateur R/Up
LPGA Tour Member
Casey Harty - USA (Elite Pro & Coach)

"Jamie is the first performance coach I've worked with that knows how to address the source of performance barriers.
The tools we're putting into place aren't only applicable to golf, but life in general, and for that, I can't be more thankful." 
Course Contributor & Golf Coach
Austin Sipe - USA

"I can only say nothing but exceptional things about Jamie. His passion and drive to help us players take our games to new levels is the reason I have my full trust in him.
He makes things simple, while at the same time making all the hard work exciting and rewarding. I for sure didn't have the right approach to applying new techniques to my game as well as practising the right things or the right way until I began working with Jamie.
Jamie has brought one aspect to my game that I had been looking for both on the course and off the course. Clarity."
Johny Ruiz - USA

"Jamie has been a great mentor to me. His knowledge of the mind is unbelievable.
He's great to work with and even easier to talk to. Wouldn't change my Mental Performance Coach ever again"
JD Hughes - USA

"Jamie has been invaluable in my transition towards being my best self both on and off the golf course.
Our work together has not only been productive but eye-opening to what potential I have as a player...
His attention to detail and constant commitment towards our work reflects in our relationship and work together.
He's provided me with all the resources I need to build healthy confidence and belief to be successful.
I couldn't be more fortunate to have him by my side."
Will Heffernan - Australia

"Before meeting Jamie, I was a stressed, anxious and angry golfer. Jamie noticed all of this in our first session and immediately addressed these issues.

I grew in confidence, started scoring more consistently and most importantly I started enjoying the struggles of becoming a better golfer.

Jamie not only helped me playing rounds but also in my practice sessions...

I have changed from lengthy, unstructured, technique-driven practice sessions to knowing exactly what my sessions look like each day and exactly what I need to focus on...

Looking back over our four years together I don't think I would have been able to achieve what I have today without the help of Jamie and for that, I can't thank him enough!"

Matt Snyder - USA

"Since Jamie became part of my team, I have noticed a huge change in my own self-belief, not just my confidence as a player. Through various drills and my daily routine, I am strengthening the belief I have in myself and become the person I have always wanted to be.

I have gained a tremendous amount of clarity and understanding of why those certain patterns that happen in my game. His attention to detail and his personal interest in his clients are second to none.

I couldn't imagine a better coach, friend to have in my corner."

Mike Browne - UK
I have been working with Jamie for about a month now and he has changed my thought process in both my game and how I approach my training.
I have noticed an incredible change in my golf.
He has given me the tools to train my mind to another level and the confidence to prove to myself how good I can play"
Jake Hennessey- USA

"Jamie has become an integral part of my training and development as a golfer and as a human being. The work we've done together has shifted my focus and confidence which has allowed me to get the most out of my physical and technical golf work.

Since we started working together, I've become a more comfortable, confident, and patient golfer which has allowed me to find better on-course performance so I can compete in higher stages of competitive golf.

Jack Nicklaus said that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical so any person who has a desire to improve their game should be putting way more work into the mental side of things and that is what Jamie can offer."

Join some of golf's best performers.
Join the Mental Mastery Clubhouse. 
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