Why You Wont Win!

27 May 2021
Why You Won't Win!
Winning is hard! No matter whether its in the sporting arena, business or any other aspect of life, winning is tough!
Unfortunately one of the most important mental/emotional skills that determine whether we do win is one of the most challenging skills to build. That skill is having a healthy self belief system.
The reason we find building a strong self belief system is that generally working on the internal components of your mental game are very difficult to see or feel the improvements. Its not like changing eating habits or hitting the gym everyday, where there are tangible improvements after about 2-3 weeks. Working on strengthening our mental games takes time and unfortunately at times there is no tangible improvements shown in the short term.
The problem arises because humans by nature are very impatient and if they don't see or feel tangible benefits to their actions in the short term, they get distracted and generally move onto something else.
Building a Belief System takes time, generally anywhere between 6-12 months of consistent repetition with practical exercises that relate too the aspect of your belief system you are wanting to build.
The trouble that most people have is the acceptance in changing mental or neurological patterns, as whenever the old patterns kicks in they typically react in an emotional way which unfortunately only strengthens the old pattern even stronger.
One of the important components to building your self belief system as well as re-conditioning your Sub Conscious mind is via the use of emotion. Where ever you attach emotion to your performance, its that performance that will be ingrained as a pattern and help shape your belief system.
For example, if you are a golfer and react emotionally to unsatisfactory shots but don't attach much or any positive emotion to your good shots, then your Sub Conscious mind is going to remember those poor shots and in turn have a negative impact on your Belief System.
It becomes a viscous cycle because not allowing our emotions to control how we think about our performance and instead focus on attaching emotion and meaning to the quality of our performance regardless of the outcomes is difficult, VERY DIFFICULT!
But just like anything, the more we do it, the STRONGER it gets!
If you can begin to focus on attaching some emotion and paying more attention to your good performances and learn from your unsatisfactory performance, free from negative emotion then you have a chance of building an empowering Sub Conscious Mind and Belief System.
Staying focused on that process for 3-6 months might provide you with the most rewarding and performance enhancing work you have ever done, whether you are an athlete, artist or business person.
Author: Jamie Glazier
Jamie Glazier is a World-renowned Mental Performance Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner who is passionate about using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and many other new age Cognitive modalities to help people achieve peak performance.

Having various articles published in major sporting publications and success working within the corporate world and with athletes in diverse fields extending to PGA, LPGA and European Golf tours, Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes, AFL footballers and Mixed Martial Arts athletes, Jamie Glazier is well recognised within the sports mental performance industry.

You can find out more about Jamie Glazier here www.mentalmastery.com.au
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