Gratitude-The Pathway to Happiness & High Performance!

27 May 2021
Gratitude-The Pathway to Happiness & High Performance!
For those that follow me on Social Media, you will know how much of an advocate I am for practising Gratitude. Approximately five years ago, I began to practise Gratitude every day by writing three things into a Gratitude Journal, noticing the positive impact this state of mind can create within 3-5 days of executing this process.
Zig Ziglar, one of America's best motivational speaker's believed that Gratitude is the most powerful human emotion we can access, as it's ability to connect to a myriad of other empowering emotional states makes Gratitude a MUST state for anyone wanting to achieve their absolute best.
Yesterday I spent 15 minutes going through a Gratitude Process of posting a variety of images from my travels over the past 10 weeks on my Instagram account and instantly felt a powerful surge of calm and happiness flow through my entire body. Now I realise that some of these experiences I was able to have over the past 10 weeks still feel surreal, but the impact of every Gratitude session I have is still profound after practising this technique for over 5 years.
Every Friday night, I will spend approximately an hour with a Whiskey, at times paired with a Cigar and begin to focus on everything I was grateful for from the week that has just past. The aspects that float up are a variety of personal and professional achievements from the week, as well as learnings of things I feel like I can improve for the following week.
This Gratitude process has now become an unconscious part of my day to day life, taking time each day to be grateful for something that is happening or has happened.
Practising Gratitude on a consistent basis will help you to re-wire your brain to create a happier/healthier self, as activating a state of Gratitude will help you to eliminate the potential to access many toxic emotional states such as-

Triggering Gratitude will also help you to manage one of the most significant issues among teenage/young adults in today's society, Social Comparison. Social Comparison is causing a spike in low self-esteem and levels of depression amongst a variety of age groups in society, with a simple Gratitude process helping to manage the impact of Social Comparison.

A variety of research studies have shown practising Gratitude on a consistent basis will help to increase happiness and resilience while helping to reduce stress and depression.
There are a variety of ways to practise Gratitude, with the following being some of the most efficient and effective ways to create a state of Gratitude-
1. Write down three things you are Grateful for in your life today.
2. Tell one person every day that you are grateful to have them in your life.
3. Gratitude Jar. Every day, place $1 into a Gratitude Jar, before putting the $1 into the Jar, spend 30 seconds focusing on the one thing you feel grateful for in your life today.
4. Mirror exercise. Every day when you are brushing your teeth, look into the mirror and focus on one thing you are grateful for when it comes to your appearance. Is it your teeth? Your hair? Your eyes? Your personality? Spend 30 seconds focusing on this aspect of yourself that you are grateful for today.

Practising a combination of these processes throughout the day will help you to accelerate and enhance the state of Gratitude, helping you to take your happiness, health and performance to the next level.

Author: Jamie Glazier
Jamie Glazier is a World-renowned Mental Performance Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner who is passionate about using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and many other new age Cognitive modalities to help people achieve peak performance.

Having various articles published in major sporting publications and success working within the corporate world and with athletes in diverse fields extending to PGA, LPGA and European Golf tours, Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes, AFL footballers and Mixed Martial Arts athletes, Jamie Glazier is well recognised within the sports mental performance industry.

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