8 Mental Game Tips you can learn from the 2019 US Open Champion.

27 May 2021
8 Mental Game Tips you can learn from the 2019 US Open Champion
Gary Woodland put on an impressive performance to win the 2019 US Open at Pebble Beach. After watching his Post Round press conference, I had to share the numerous Mental Game Nuggets of Gold that came from this press conference.

These are some of the Mental Game Jewels that Gary dropped in his presser-

1. His game is trending in the right direction and that he is a more complete player now.

2. He was proud of himself mentally for staying in the moment, focusing on executing each shot and slowing down his thinking.

3. Over the last few years, he has surrounded himself with Great people to get his game to where it is today.

4. When Gary felt pressure or tension out on course, he would look around at the stunning views and focus on enjoying the moment.

5. To focus on self and to enjoy the pressure, the stress and the challenge ahead.

6. Positive Self Talk! Throughout the day, Gary kept saying to himself "I got this" which came from a meeting he had with Amy Bockerstette, a Down Syndrome girl who loves playing golf. They played the Famous Par 3 16th at TPC Scottsdale during a practice round for the Phoenix Open where Amy kept saying to herself "I Got This" in preparation for all of her shots.

7. Prepare for Reality. Gary knows that golf is not a game of perfect and in turn, prepares for these moments. In his Pre Round warm up, he hits a variety of shots he will face in the upcoming round, even hitting shots out of divot before his rounds.

8. Over the past few years, Gary has learnt to create more quality into his practice sessions rather than focusing on sheer quantity.

Gary Woodland has focused on making his Attitude one of the most important ingredients of his performance with fantastic results. If you can begin to make your Attitude one of the most important ingredients of your performance, I can guarantee your enjoyment for the game will go up, while your scores will come down!


Author: Jamie Glazier
Jamie Glazier is a World-renowned Mental Performance Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner who is passionate about using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and many other new age Cognitive modalities to help people achieve peak performance.

Having various articles published in major sporting publications and success working within the corporate world and with athletes in diverse fields extending to PGA, LPGA and European Golf tours, Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes, AFL footballers and Mixed Martial Arts athletes, Jamie Glazier is well recognised within the sports mental performance industry.

You can find out more about Jamie Glazier here www.mentalmastery.com.au
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