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Junior ELITE program is ideal for you if:
  • You're 18 years of age or younger
  • You meet the eligibility criteria or considering the Adidas Golf Junior 6s Tour
  • Have a passion for learning the game and what is required to achieve 
  • Have an understanding that Mental Peroformance Coaching can be one of the powerful tools in your game
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Please note: all applicants to our Junior 6s membership programs will be checked for age eligibility with the official Junior 6s tour. 
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Building an Unbreakable Mental Game (Junior 6s / Junior ELITE Exclusive)
  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR JUNIOR 6s & JUNIOR ELITE - This course will include all of the 9 modules for your specific Junior 6s program.
 Build Your Powerful Pre-Round Routine
  • Learn the powerful Art of Detachment during your Pre Round Routine.
  • Learn how to access your own personal Peak Performance State before every round.
  • Lean how to create a healthy relationship with Performance Anxiety/Arousal.
 Mental Game Must-Do's to Transform Your Golf Game
  • Learn how to create a Quieter mind during your performance.
  • Learn the important Art of Managing Expectations. 
  • Learn the difference between Internal and External Attention.
 The Art of the Pre-Shot Routine
  • Learn how to create Clarity before Every Shot.
  • Learn how to Anchor Confidence before Every Shot. 
  • Learn how to achieve full Commitment for Every Shot. 
 18 Tips on Managing On-Course Frustrations
  • Learn the power in creating a clear Intention for the day.
  • Learn the importance of Positive Reinforcement in managing frustrations.
  • Learn the power of Acceptance.
8 Brain Hacks to Shave Strokes
  • Your very own mental game cheat sheet. 
  • Practical techniques to take straight to the golf course. 
  • Used by the games top players week in week out to maintain mental performance.
 Eliminate the Fear of Failure
  • AVAILABLE NOW - This course will give you the tools to overcome those performance-limiting fears, Pre Round, In-Round & Post Round
 The Art of Managing Expectations
  • AVAILABLE NOW - Do you know that your expectations can limit performance. In this course we help you build and set expectations built around sustainable performance.
 The Art of Confidence
  • AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS NOW - Understanding and developing your relationship with Confidence is key to consistent performance on the golf course. Like every part of your mental game and technical game, confidence is a skill that can be trained and developed. We uncover the techniques to drive your confidence patterns in this course.
Lucas Herbert (PGA Tour) & Gabi Ruffels (LPGA Tour) developed their Mental Game from a young age.
"Jamie time and time again proves his worth to my game with his ability to help elevate me to the next level mentally.
Playing multiple major championships, WGC's and large worldwide events can be daunting and hard work mentally, but with Jamie's help towards establishing myself on the world stage and feeling comfortable with who I am, performing under tough conditions has become routine and consistent.
His ability to work with not only myself but other unique individual athletes and understand their patterns of behaviour and work with the athlete, as opposed to against them, is second to none and his results with his clients speak for themselves.
I envisage Jamie to be a long term, integral part of my team and I would encourage anyone who is serious about their golf to consult him on ways they can get the most out of their potential."
Lucas Herbert
2020 Dubai Desert Classic Winner
2021 Dubai Duty-Free Irish Open Winner 
2022 Bermuda Challenge PGA Tour
European Tour Member
PGA Tour Member
"I've been working with Jamie now for 6 years and I've really seen a difference in my mental game over this time...
I strongly believe that the mental game in golf is just as important as the physical game, and with Jamie's help, I've been able to improve my overall golf game at a quick pace.
We have worked on letting go of technical thoughts to be a more feel-based player, developing strategies on how to be more mentally prepared for an upcoming event, and how to get the best out of myself in pressure situations.
Really grateful for all the work he has done for me!
Gabi Ruffels
2019 US Women's Amateur Champion
2020 US Women's Amateur R/Up
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